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Estate Planning

Estate planning encompasses the management of your assets during your lifetime when you are unable, defining the terms of your intentions after death while avoiding probate, and, If necessary, identifying guardians for your minor children if you are no longer able to care for them


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During your lifetime, estate planning relies on your power of attorney for financial matters, health care powers of attorney, living will (or trust), and non-probate transfers. These instruments appoint someone to help you in situations, both medical and financial, where you are not able to manage your affairs, regardless of the reason.

After death, your Last Will and Testament and Trust are the primary instruments to manage your estate and to carry out your intentions.

Our attorneys and staff will work with you to identify your intentions and memorialize them so that they are carried out. Additionally, we will assist you in the use of non-probate transfers and other means to ensure your estate plan and trust are properly funded while minimizing your probate expenses and future tax burden.

​Need a primer for estate planning terms? Don't know what per stirpes means? Click on Estate Planning Terms to learn more. Or just give us a call and schedule your estate planning conference.

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